About Us

Importance of Color in Fashion

We are all influenced by colors every day, consciously and subconsciously. One of the very first thing we observe when we meet people is the color of the clothes they are wearing. Infact a Canadian study found out that 90 percent of the consumers' first impression of fashion products is based on color. There is very little doubt that the impact of color in fashion is instant and ever-lasting. However, finding clothes by the exact color you want is difficult over online as well as in real world stores. Think about the time you were looking for your prom or bridesmaid dress but the precise color you want is nowhere to be found. The good news is Search By Colors was built to help you find clothes by the exact colors you want.

What is Search By Colors?

Search By Colors is an online service that helps women to find dresses, tops and skirts by the exact color they are looking for. It uses the State-Of-Art Artificial Intelligence technology to achieve that goal. Our product galleries comes with either a color picker or a color slider depending on the type of device you are using. All you have to do is play with the tool until you get the precise color you want. Color book is the alternative to the color tool which comes with 160 most popular color swatches. Search By Colors is affiliated with 15 top retailers from United States & Canada and is planning to expand further. Currently we have a collection of over 100,000 dresses from more than 1000 brands and designers. We have also started an online magazine which will be primarily focusing on color in fashion and will curate dresses for occasions by color palettes.

Shop Clothes by Image

One of the other service we provide along with Search By Colors is shopping clothes by taking a picture. Visit or click the camera icon in the navigation bar, then take a photo and upload the image of the cloth. Within few seconds you will be catered with similar looking clothes from multiple brands and designers.